Care of your ANGELDOR Heavenly Crystal Jewelry

Extend the life of your ANGELDOR Heavenly Crystal Jewelry by taking just a minimum amount of care. 

STORAGE SUGGESTIONS: Store your jewelry in a jewelry box with separate padded compartments for each piece, or place each piece in a plastic bag. The plastic helps protect the jewelry and enables you to see easily what is inside! Do not drop your jewelry into a box where it’s jumbled with other pieces. Metal can scratch and jewelry items bumping into one another could cause the stones to break, chip or fall out. 

PROPER CLEANING: Wipe stones gently with a damp, clean cloth to remove perspiration, oil, and other residue. Wipe dry with a soft, clean cloth. Do not soak in water or use heat, steamers, jewelry cleaners, other chemicals, or ultrasonic cleaners. 

WEAR WITH CARE: • Apply hairspray before putting on your jewelry. • Try to avoid having jewelry come into contact with perfume, cologne, cosmetics, etc. Chemicals can cause jewelry to tarnish. • Remove rings before washing hands and do not wear jewelry while swimming. 

And . . . Enjoy your ANGELDOR Heavenly Crystal Jewelry!